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1. How is the real estate market situation in Montenegro?

After a relative boom in the period of 2006-2008 due to a lack of good product for sale and a solid demand, the market has turned healthier today , prices are very stable and a growing number of potential  private and corporate investors are coming back or become awareness of the numerous opportunities, in particular on the coast and Bako Kotorska-tivat in particular. Europeans and customers from long-haul destinations are more present. Besides the traditional stone houses, waterfront apartments , they are showing interest in lands, ruins for renovation, and in particular for new high quality and eco-friendly residential developments along the coast.  They are beautiful projects under construction, with stunning views, modern amenities and equipment, and attractive prices.We expect with the rythm it started, for the coming 5 years a very high demand in this region.

2. What is on offer in your agency Montenegro Real Estate?

Even though we propose a large offer of properties for sale and rent, we are carefully selecting the most attractive ones, ie. Waterfront, unique location, bay view or in beautiful natural environment whether it be stone houses, villas, apatment, lands, ruins for renovation, and we also focus on the new developments which represent excellent the ideal second-home and a very good investment value. To name a few developments in Tivat: Sea Breeze villas, Lustica bay, Plavi Horizont, Regent resort and apartments at Porto Montenegro, Banyan Tree Sveti Marko, and several key project and developments by Atlas Group.
Besides this main activitiy, we also offer property and rental management to our customers.
Our team of 4 is multilingual, english, Russian, French and of course montenegrin and Serbian.

3. Could you explain us what is also attracting investors and individuals to Montenegro today?

I will expose you some facts:  the world bank in "doing business" report for 2012, place Montenegro per easiness of doing business at 56th position out of 183 countries.
The average income of direct foreign investments in Montenegro for the past 3 years is approximatively 850M€, the GBP for 2011 : 2,6% WTTC predicts an average annual rate of growth in Travel & Tourism investment for Montenegro of 16,4% a year from 2011 to 2021 which claimed to be  higher than for any other country in the world ! and Twice as fast as that for India and China.
Montenegro is also largely oriented towards real estate and Tourism development with stimulative investment climate (income tax 9%, VAT 17%, customs rate 6,6%, tax on real estate transaction 3%), in the way of European Union integration.
And let me remind you that it is the unique country in Europe, in a such small surface area, that offers such pittoresque beauty landscapes!  We call also Montenegro the country of 11 countries...

4. Is there any restrictions for foreigners to buy real estate in Montenegro?

No more, foreigners can now purchase in there own name: apartments, houses, lands, commercial, hotel registered in the cadastre and the Notary takes care of all the ownership documents, he provides the legal purchasing process with our coordination; However, foreigners must be aware that non urbanized lands cannot be on their ownership, they need to open a montenegrin company. We always inform our clients about what they can build on the lands, we advise them on residential/commercial or touristic projects, as well as other key legal, administrative and property information.

5. What is the procedure of purchasing a property in montenegro ?

The procedure of purchase and sale is not complicated and takes a few days only - when you find a property to buy we coordinate the purchase with the Notary and guide you through to the final stage.  The notary, like in western Europe, is fully responsible to legalize documents, ensure payments are down.

6. What about the average selling price and the purchasing fees?

If you have a look on our online property listing, you will see that you can get exceptional properties, that are hard to find on any mediteranean coast, and at reasonable prices! For example, we have great developments for sale on the waterfront or with stunning views!
The agency commission is paid by the seller in between 3 to 5%.

7. Are the property taxes high?

The property taxes are very low, it is not comparable to the French riviera for example, no capital gain taxes on resale, and the funds are transferable to the origin country.
The buyer will pay through the notary a 3% only government tax on purchase.

8. What do you propose further to your clients?

We propose to take care of their property when they are in there original country. We propose a basic package of property management service which mostly owner are happy with, which includes checking and ventilate once per week, keeping the keys and giving them to their friends or family when they are coming in vacation, cleaning once per month.... and the other services rest are „à la carte“.  We are listening to the wishing of the client and find a solution. But also to provide them the building permission, legalisation and some administrative documents. Long-term rental...

9. Why did you choose Montenegro ?

I fell in love with the beauties of montenegro 7 years ago, when I came on holidays with my family. Since then, I am involved in property sales, we are here to stay, we found a great balance between our business activities and the quality of our private and social life. Montenegro is an addicting country, you know!